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I like CGC first and foremost, the protection of my magazine; Also, It does not leave me guessing the condition of my magazine. Secondly, there is a census report that tells us the most popular submitted National Geographic magazine along with highest obtained grade. Thinking about submitting to CGC? There is a backlog over 180 business days with a fee of $32-$40 depending on year. Is it worth it? I like engineering sets. CGC enables me to build a set from a year that I particularly like and assemble a median grade of the overall set. This makes collecting more fun and challenging. Again, I am not afiliated with any organization nor do I receive any type of commission. I am sharing my collecting strategy for others to see, also what its to come in the future. Comments are open.

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It is only good if you want to profiteer from them in the future (highly unlikely, since it is not valuable at all). Otherwise it's a waste. Can't even look at the magazine and leaf thru them.

That is the beauty of it. I can obtain a copy for nearly free, second hand to read and not worry about destroying it. The fact that there is such an abundance of them, I want to have a nice collection to preserve. I am not doing this for profit. There is a downside to this and I warn anybody, it would not be worthy to send in a magazine you might think is high end condition. Lets say it looks perfect and you spend $50 getting it graded, but you failed to see the writing inside the cover, or a bend in a page, or a stain the on reverse, etc.... Your magazine comes back in a 5 or even lower. Was it worth it? Negative. This is why I opened this discussion so that people who have thousands of magazines and want to preserve their beautiful artwork or personal interest do not get burned. If you have a very nice magazine, it is worth more grade and authenticated by a third party. If profit is what you are after, go for it. I will say it is a challenge to obtain high end Nat Geo magazines although there are millions of copies. I personally want to put these up for my children one day. To each his own. Will they ever be worth anything? Maybe not. But at least I know what I got.

If I was a profiteer, I would be working secretly behind closed doors snagging all the great condition magazines before anyone caught on. This is not the case. If you are a collector and may be sitting on a gold mine of mint condition mags, maybe this forum could benefit you. Not I. You are welcome.

I also concur that this magazine in the picture (9.2)cost me nothing. I spent $32. I could probably sell it for a $100 or $200. I don't want to do that. But, had I kept it on the shelf and not sent it in, picked it up a few times, then it becomes an 8.5. Do you understand where I am coming from now? 



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