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Looking to sell bound volumes dating from 1913 to 1995

Through befriending my high school librarian this past school year I learned that the large collection of National Geographic bound volumes in the back of the room were being "discarded" meaning the first few pages would be ripped out and they would be thrown away. I being the book lover and National Geographic lover I am, couldn't bare to see them be destroyed. Thus, beginning the long months of toting 6-9 books a day home on the school bus until just before the last 2 weeks of school when I had finally gotten every book home. Now I have nearly 200 bound volumes in stacks in my closet, various places in my room, living room, and my father's bedroom as well. Now that I am 18 and a high school graduate I'm finding myself in need of some money for transportation to and from college and the beginning of some savings to move out of my parents' house. My collection of bound volumes begins with the 1913 collection and goes up to 1995. Some of the years in between are missing and some of the collections only have part of the year. The books with the older bindings have 3 books to each year (4 months per book) and the ones with the newer bindings have 2 books to each year (6 months per book). If you'll refer to the photo below, there are 3 different bindings. On the left is the older version which has 3 books to each year. The middle also has 3 books to each year but there are only a few of this binding. The binding on the right, the best and strongest one has 2 books to each year. I have also attached photos of the inside covers for each binding. The bindings on the left and right have the original covers but the middle binding does not and goes straight to the articles. If you would like any information pertaining to any specific year don't hesitate to shoot a message my way and I will get back to you ASAP. I am looking to sell for $20 - $30 per book depending on it's condition and cost of shipping. Thank you for your time.

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I would like to include that none of these volumes include the inserts/map supplements.

Ashley, well done (to include your story and description above) - especially the older volumes!

I sincerely hope you find a buyer for all your effort.

You might want to look through the dealer link on the upper left margin of the main page and give a couple of them a call to see if they might be willing to take them off your hands. You won't get what you're asking for per book, but they may take the entire lot.

Good luck!


Thank you for your tip, I may look into that soon.



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