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I think a trend is starting where members get one cover and over-the-counter magazines are another. I saw this cover at CVS which shows "Birth of Booze" as compared to the one I received which shows "Saving Our Oceans",  January covers were also different,


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Harold - 

Well, it's been going on for a while actually. Though, this past couple months it just became consecutive for a bit. There was an ongoing discussion about "alternate" covers here on 'Corner between me and a different batch of members in 2008, 2009, 2010. 

Then the topic fizzled down, and I was just thinking yesterday to myself how it has now come up again this past month or so with yourself, Tom, Phil, etc.

If you send me your mailing address in a private message I could send you a cd-rom disc w/ a bunch of variant covers (it's easier than emailing them all 1-by-1?). Posting them in a coherent fashion, w/ an "essay" to explain the whole thing has long been on my To Do 'wish list' in here, but I have been stymied and waylaid at every turn for a number of years...for certain reasons.

 ~ Scott 

Thanks, I will. They actually should have had some differences between members and over-the-counter magazines to be fairer to members when they started to go to over-the counter sales. I think after membership peaked with the coming of the electronic age they decided to go with magazine sales to increase revenue. Or changing publishers.  I thought that the Supplements were a real important part of membership and always wanted to see what the next one would be,. When they stopped, I was upset with them and dropped membership for a year or two.  I hope they continue Supplements again, at least to members, as several maps need updating. As far as covers go, I know they have had a few differences,  I don't know why. Even in map differences (April 1938 as an example) I think they should have offered both versions (at least to those who wanted them),  I would like tom see your CD.


I completely understand your sentiments !

...familiar with this book from 2014 Harold? I think you would really like it, if you don't have it already. 


I have one, it makes a nice companion to the 125th Anniversary book. I know specifically one other 'Corner member had got one too and he seemed quite pleased.

No, I'll have to check it out. I collect other things as well as NGM and have been more active with them lately. too, my other 2 "big" things as per magazine//organizations, are American Heritage, and Smithsonian. I often feel like I spread myself thin  : - ) 


Check out this discussion in the 'Ephemera & Collectibles' Group:


Thanks, Tom.  I took a quick look at it and will check it out more thoroughly later.




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