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Hello All,

I have a November 1985 Search for Early Man edition of National Geographic magazine with a misprinted (left and right side reversed) hologram. I received it in the mail like this back in 1985 as a child and recently found it again while going though some books of mine.

I have never seen another one like this and was wondering if anyone knows how many got printed with the left and right hand sides of the hologram reversed. Please see picture provided. The magazine is in really good condition.



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All three are actual magazines like yours.  I am not into photography, but I believe that Kromekote is a type of photographic process that is applied to the paper used for the cover.  In this case it was to enhance the hologram, which it did when I compare it to the one I received through the mail.  I believe that all of these were obtained originally from Howard Paine the Art Director for the Society.  I would imagine that there was only a handful (less than 10 and that's a guess with the exception of the Kromekote which was 4-5) printed and never got into circulation like yours did.

I also have a silver foil test copy for the 1988 hologram issue.  They decided not to use it and opted for the gold foil.  I also have a double signature for that same issue.



Thanks for the information Jeff.  I have always wondered about it.  It's one of the few things I actually kept from my childhood because I had never seen another one.  Do you have any idea of the value of such an oddity?  I know you have not seen the condition in person and I am no expert in condition buy any means, but I think it's in pretty good condition.

I truly appreciate you giving me more info than anyone else ever has.  I even contacted some at the Society a few times and no one had ever even heard of it.  I obviously never talked to the right people.

Thanks again for the help!


If you received one through the mail then there are probably more out there.  I have no idea what it would be worth; it depends how much a collector is willing to pay.  I would say that you would be hard pressed to find anyone who would pay over $500.  I would not have paid that much for it and I have quite a large collection of oddities.  But so far there are three misprints that have come to light with this issue so it may command a higher price if you just hold on to it for awhile.  If you are just looking for a value for insurance purposes than I would insure it for $1000+.


Thanks Jeff you have been very helpful!  

I am glad I finally have some information on this after so many years!  I really have no interest in getting rid of it, so a value for insurance purposes is great.  I don't really have a big collection, but knew even as a kid to stash it away and keep it relatively safe.

Have a great day!




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